Summary: Second round of intergovernmental negotiations on post-2015

17-20 February, member states met for a round of intergovernmental negotiations in New York. The meeting was the second of eight scheduled sessions (January-July 2015). The purpose of the four day meeting between member states was to discuss the declaration of the post-2015 agenda. The meeting was open to participation from other stakeholders and included a dialogue with Major Groups and other Stakeholders.

The session began with Member State’s responses to the co-chairs' elements paper, which was circulated ahead of the meeting. Member states agreed that the world must move away from the past, but opinions differed in how to diverge from the past and what a transformed world should look like. The meeting was an opportunity for Member States to share their visions and dreams of the world they want after 2015 and on why the post-2015 agenda is needed. Next session will focus on the goals, targets, and to some extent, the indicators of the agenda.

To read a summary of the session, please refer to IISD's comprehensive reporting here.

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