SDGs focus areas: Stakeholder proposals for goals and targets

In order to inform the deliberations of the tenth session of the Open Working Group (OWG) on Sustainable Development Goals, Stakeholder Forum along with 16 global partners have compiled a report of goals and corresponding targets from proposals housed within the SDGs e-Inventory which relate to the 19 focus areas identified by the OWG Co-Chairs.

You can read the report in an online format or as a PDF. To read an online summary of the focus areas you are interested in, click on the icons below. Each clickable icon will direct you to a summary of the targets and indicators related to the respective focus area:

Very few proposals housed in the e-Inventory contain goals which directly address issues of industrialisation. Nonetheless a small number of proposals do contain targets which touch upon this focus area, covering issues such as science and research, the reduction of pollutants and waste in industry, and the transition to clean industrialised economies.


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