Focus Areas for the OWG on SDGs

The Co-Chairs of the Open Working Group on Sustainable Development Goals have released their focus areas for the post-2015 global goals. The 19 focus areas identified within the report are not exhaustive and do not preclude inclusion of other issues discussed with the context of the thematic clusters. The report does not constitute a zero draft of the report that the group will submit to the General Assembly, it is instead meant to guide the forthcoming sessions of the OWG to identify SDGs and accompanying targets.

Download the document

The focus areas within the document are as follows:

  1. Poverty eradication
  2. Food security and nutrition
  3. Health and population dynamics
  4. Education
  5. Gender equality and women’s empowerment
  6. Water and sanitation
  7. Energy
  8. Economic Growth
  9. Industrialization
  10. Employment and decent work for all
  11. Promoting equality
  12. Sustainable cities and human settlements
  13. Sustainable Consumption and Production
  14. Climate
  15. Marine resources, oceans and seas
  16. Ecosystems and biodiversity
  17. Infrastructure
  18. Means of implementation
  19. Peaceful and non-violent societies, capable institutions


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