Latest input into the Open Working Group on SDGs

The UN Division for Sustainable Development has issued a compilation of Major Groups' input into the Open Working Groups (OWG) 11th session. The statements and input documented detail stakeholders' suggested additions to the Working Document and amendments to proposed goals and targets.

The document includes all exact wordings and new targets wanted by stakeholders, covering Focus Areas 1-16. It cites each amendment to the stakeholder that proposed it.

Stakeholders provided the following types of suggested amendments:

  • Some stakholders put forward new goals to be added to the document;
  • Stakeholders also amended any goals they felt needed changing and updating;
  • The language and structure of some targets were adjusted by stakeholders.

The OWG will meet for its 12th session on 16-20 June 2014.

To read IISD’s summary, click here.

To read the full summary from the UN Division for Sustainable Development, click here.

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