Post-2015 Negotiations Conclude: Member States Agree Outcome Document

On 2 August, the United Nations concluded its negotiations on the post-2015 development agenda. Member States agreed a framework for 17 universal sustainable development goals, which will be adopted by Heads of State at a summit in September.

It is the aim of the goals and 169 targets to stimulate action in the following areas of critival importance for humanity and the planet:

People: To end poverty in all its forms and dimensions

Planet: To protect the planet so that it can support the needs of present and future generations.

Prosperity: To ensure sustained, inclusive and sustainable economic growth which is decoupled from environmental degradation

Peace: For all people to live in peaceful, safe and inclusive societies, free from fear, coercion and violence.

Partnership: To revitalise an effective Global Partnership for Sustainable Development embracing all countries and stakeholders.

To read the outcome document in its entirety, click here.

To read a summary of the final negotiatons and the outcome document, check out IISD's coverage here

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