Background resources for the high-level political forum

Lessons Learned from the Commission on Sustainable Development

Lessons-learned-from-the-csd-1The report provides a background on the establishment of CSD as well as lessons learned from the work of the Commission since its establishment in 1992. Read paper.

ECOSOC elaboration of the post-2015 development agenda

Lessons-learned-from-the-csd-1The report provides a general appraisal of the post-2015 processes and the Council's contributions thus far. Section IV. looks at ECOSOC's role in sustainable development governance. Specifically, the section looks at how the Council can help integrate the three dimensions of sustainable development by monitoring and coordinating UN activities. Read report.

Major Groups Position Paper on HLPF

MGOPsHLPFpositionpaperThis paper represents the Major Groups position to inform the open, transparent and inclusive process. Read paper.

Governing for the future: Building the Architecture of the HLPF

HLPF-coverThis paper looks at the uncertanties surrounding the HLPF's name, position within the UN hierarchy, mandate and responsibilities. Read paper.



Bringing Added Value to the high-level political forum: A High Level Representative for Future Generations

BringingAddedValueToTheHLPFThis paper deals with the objectives of a High-level Representative for Future Generations (HLR) of balancing the short-term nature of policy making processes and acting as the UN’s principal advocate for the interests and needs of future generations. Read paper.