Multi-Stakeholder Programme: Sustainable Development 2015

The two year multi-stakeholder programme, “Sustainable Development 2015” (SD2015) was undertaken by CIVICUS in partnership with Stakeholder Forum and in collaboration with UN DESA, with the financial assistance of the European Union. The programme provided tools and opportunities for all stakeholders to participate in the global deliberations on and around the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the wider post-2015 development agenda, through the following five focus areas: Raise Awareness; Increase Engagement; Empower Stakeholders; Coordinate Advocacy; and Strengthen Governance

Raise Awareness
SD2015 provided briefings for, and enhanced communication between, all stakeholders from civil society, governments and the media to raise awareness of the process and its importance
Increase Engagement
SD2015 provided opportunities and modalities for stakeholders to engage with the UN system and share expert inputs to increase the universality, relevance and ambition of the global goals
Empower Stakeholders
SD2015 provided tools and training to build multi-stakeholders’ capacity to achieve ambitious aims for the goals through their engagement with the UN, national governments and the media
Coordinate Advocacy
SD2015 provided tools, resources and forums for multi-stakeholders to plan and develop coordinated advocacy around the global goals, at and between local, national and global levels
Strengthen Governance
SD2015 informed parliamentarians on the global goals agenda, developed global institutions and engage existing networks and infrastructure for all stakeholders. Examplars in, and synergies between, national and internation policy making will be identified and used to develop guidance.

For further details, read our short summary brochure.


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