Post-2015 Development agenda - Why is national advocacy important now?

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By Dorothee Gueneheux, CIVICUS

personplanet150Even in the context of shrinking flows of official development assistance (ODA), the new development agenda, which is to replace the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) starting from September 2015, has been creating a big buzz over the past 5 years and especially at the international level. Consultations, reports and meetings [1]  have been numerous within the so-called ‘planet New York’.  But why is it important to follow this myriad of discussions?

Increasing food production alone will not solve world hunger

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Duncan Williams, Food Policy Manager, WWF UK

agriculture-150‘People focused’ does not necessarily mean leaving the environment behind. We must not pursue environmental sustainability at the expense of poor people's food security and nutrition. We must adopt a win-win strategy that promotes synergies and manages trade-offs between environmental sustainability, food security and improved nutrition, but this will require concerted efforts. We need to ensure food reaches everybody and is produced in such a way that nature can thrive. We already produce more than enough calories to feed the everybody easily.

Post-2015: Policy and Public Relations

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Marina Drummond, International Intelligence Unit, FGV

un-pin150Oft-cited, Bill Gates called the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) “the best idea for focusing the world on fighting global poverty that I’ve ever seen.” [1]

Everyone appears to agree on this point: that the MDGs were a fabulous awareness campaign. The concepts behind each goal seized the world’s attention, making everyone sit up, listen and believe.

The next big thing for global transformation

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By Anne-Sophie Stevance

This blog was originally published on the Future Earth website

Paula picture resizePaula Caballero Gomez is a driving force behind the creation of the Sustainable Development Goals. We spoke with her about why these represent a truly global effort, and how scientists can contribute to their success.

Climate change and global sustainable development goals

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Joy Hyvarinen , FIELD, Executive Director

This piece was originally published on the FIELD blog

New global sustainable development goals (also known as the “SDGs”) are expected to be the centrepiece of the UN post-2015 development agenda.

UN-climate-changepost-20156The Co-Chairs of the UN talks about the new sustainable development goals have identified potential focus areas that the goals could cover. Climate change is one of these areas.

Under the climate change heading, the Co-Chairs mention areas to be considered, including “reaffirming and reinforcing international commitments, such as limiting the increase in global average temperature through equitable reductions in greenhouse gas emissions …”.