Connecting the Dots on the Oceans

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OceansThumbnailWritten by Alvin Leong (LLM, JD), an energy and environmental policy advisor and fellow at the Pace Global Center for Environmental Legal Studies.

The global ocean is in peril, driven by years of over-exploitation of marine resources, destructive fishing, overfishing, marine pollution, habitat destruction, biodiversity loss and weak governance, and increasingly threatened by climate change.

Monitoring the Sustainable Development Goals

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MonitoringSDGsLarry MacFaul & Joy Hyvarinen, VERTIC

Success in attaining the Sustainable Development Goals will rest, in part, on how well efforts can be guided and where resources are directed. If the international community can agree on a reliable indicator framework and commit to on-going monitoring, progress towards the goals can be tracked, and implementation actions can be evaluated and refined. The recent session of the negotiations on the UN post-2015 agenda focused on how these important systems – including ‘follow-up and review’, and ‘indicators’ – might be established.

Stakeholder Insights on the High Level Political Forum: An interview with Marianne Beisheim

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Derek-blog-photo150Marianne Beisheim is a Senior Researcher at the German Institute for International and Security affairs of the Stiftung Wissenschaft und Politik (SWP), an independent research institute. Marianne’s research focuses on governance issues and the role of non-state actors, in the field of sustainable development. Her work includes research on the design of a follow-up and review process for the Post-2015 SDGs and on transnational partnerships for sustainable development.

Action 2015

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Almost a billion lives hang in the balance at crucial summits in New York & Paris

Famous names back one of the biggest campaigns ever launched

New figures show poverty could increase for the first time in a generation

Action 2015 blog imageAccording to new research, almost a billion extra people face a life of extreme poverty if leaders duck key decisions on poverty, inequality and climate change due to be taken at two crucial summits in New York and Paris later this year, with billions more continuing to face a life of hardship.

Analysis of the Secretary General's Post-2015 Report

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By Farooq Ullah, Stakeholder Forum

WaterRisingUNowOn 4th December 2014, the United Nations Secretary General (SG), Ban-Ki Moon, released an unedited, English-only version of his Synthesis Report on the Post-2015 Agenda (which includes the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)).

The purpose of this report is to bring together the various formal and informal inputs made thus far on the post-2015 development agenda and the SDGs. It has further significance as the first formal and comprehensive study which looks beyond the goals themselves to also offer the following elements: